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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Round Up!

Happy national chocolate chip cookie day to all of my cookie lovers out there! Despite not typically liking chocolate, and only liking a very specific type of chocolate chip cookie, I would still have to say that they are my favorite! Because, let’s face it, when you bite into your ideal choco chip cookie there is nothing better.

In honor of this wonderful holiday which, side note, I am not fully convinced it is actually today, I am pretty sure it’s really in May (and google agrees with me), I thought I would round up all of the chocolate chip cookie recipes I have shared on SN!

I typically make 1-2 new posts on this each year because, when you find a good one, share it! 

I still do have that one super secret, super special recipe that I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever share…I’m sorry guys but it’s just my favorite ever, ever, ever, ever and I am so nervous to release it into the world. Maybe one day when I have a million followers, finally open Simply Nutmeg’s bakery and get paid some serious moola…but even then…

Anyways, let’s get to it! I have described the overall taste in each post below so you can scroll through and link over to the one that sounds perfect to you!!! If you make any choco chip cookies today, especially one of mine, please tag me! @simplynutmegs or #simplynutmegs! I would LOVE to see what you guys do!

  1. These ABSOLUTE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies: Buttery, delicious, and a hint of salt. I made these most recently on my blog and have made them 5 times since, including for work today! Chase also brought a batch of the uglier ones that I couldn’t bare to look at to work today and to my surprise the entire (piled high to the top) container was finished!!! UCF Libra staff, you all rock. 

  1. These Subscriber Exclusive Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies: Every now and then we all crave something salty. And as a reward for subscribing to Simply Nutmeg’s, I created this salty, gooey, recipe just for you!! Subscribe here and receive the magical recipe code right to your inbox. 

  1. These Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: gluten-free, dairy-free, guilt-free, ’nuff said. Chases’ best friend Dylan is allergic to gluten and dairy so for Christmas, I made this recipe to help him enjoy cookies at least once in a while. Surprisingly enough, my coworkers at the time actually preferred these to the buttery, sugar cookies I brought in that day!!! They also only require 4 ingredients so WIN WIN.

  1. These tiny, but oh so yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies: When I made these, I felt like I was back at a sleepover with my girl friends. They totally have that vibe. Simple, yummy and the perfect little size.

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