About Me

Simply Nutmegs is a place to document life’s little treasures. From delicious foods, family parties, amazing places and so much more, I hope to inspire people to continue chasing the simple and beautiful gifts we have in everyday life. My nickname in the kitchen is Nutmeg which is where the title came from. I have it engraved on my chef jacket so it’s legit!

About Meghan 

I started this blog because it makes me happy! If no one ever read a post, I would still do it every day and that is something that I have learned you shouldn’t let go of in life. I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida (go knights, charge on) with Bachelor of Science Degree in  Advertising and Public Relations. Now that I have become a real person everyone is asking me what I want to be when I grow up. The only real answer I have, is happy. And now I think I have finally found what that “happy” is.

Nutmegs Sign off

Photos by Sauphia Germain Photography